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Flat Branch Bourbons
Named for the grandson of Jim Beam, who had previously reserved this recipe for his own use, there are some who feel that this high proof bourbon (usually around 125 proof) exemplifies the best of bourbon. Not for the bourbon virgin.
Knob Creek
Aged for nine years in new, deeply-charred, white oak barrels, this 100 proof bourbon has a sweet, woody, almost nutty taste and finishes very smoothly a with just a hint of caramel. A nice introduction to premium bourbons for the casual bourbon drinker.
Basil Hayden's
Basil Haydenís uses twice as much rye as other bourbons, which imparts a very distinctive flavor. Aged for eight years, this 80 proof bourbon is perfect for those just acquiring the taste for bourbon.
Named for Jim Beam's grand nephew, Baker Beam, the recipe for this bourbon goes back for six generations. Very aromatic with a taste reminiscent of fruit and nuts and silky smooth finish.
Possibly the finest of the single barrel bourbons, the devoted hand craftsmanship makes the unique taste and smooth finish of Blanton's an experience to savor. Perfect after dinner.
Wild Turkey Rare Breed
A 110 proof small batch bourbon from the maker's of Wild Turkey. If you are a Turkey fan, you should not miss it. Straight up, on the rocks, or with just a splash of water, itís a bourbon lover's dream.
Kentucky Spirit
A 101 proof single barrel bourbon from Wild Turkey. Try it by itself, or side by side with the Rare Breed. Either way, you can't go wrong.
Evan Williams
Named for Kentucky's first distiller, who made bourbon over two hundred years ago. This single barrel bourbon has a very smooth mellow flavor and warm undertones.
Woodford Reserve
Truth be told, a wonderful bourbon! Try it neat, or with just a cube or two of ice... it begs to be sipped!

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