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Flat Branch Scotches

A 10 year old Lowland single malt, with a light, round, slightly dry flavor. An excellent choice for a single malt first timer.
A 15 year old Highland, with a fragrant nose, a easy flavor and sweet finish. One of the lightest of the Highland single malts, it makes a good first introduction. Dalwhinnie means "meeting place" in Gaelic.
From Scotland's smallest distillery, a 10 year single malt with sweet smoky tones and a dry almost old almond aftertaste. Also a wonderful introduction into the Highland malts.
A 12 year old Speyside with a light to medium body and a easy and fairly sweet finish. An easy dram to drink for the uninitiated.
A 12 year old from the Speyside region with a well refined, yet malty flavor, and a smoky quick finish. Very refined, a classic Speyside single malt.
From the capital of the Western Highlands, a 12 year old whisky with a peaty aroma, a smooth malty body and sweet silky finish. A good step up from some of the lighter selections.
Royal Lochnagar
Located near Balmoral, the Scottish estate of the English royal family, where both Chuck and Di are alleged to have had trysts, this 12 year old Highland whisky was favored by Queen Victoria. A pleasant smooth aroma and body with a semi-sweet finish.
A light Speyside 12 year old whiskey, it is known for its fine buttery-smooth aroma, medium body and nutty finish. Just don't call it "no-can-do." A good introduction to Speyside whisky.
The Dalmore
A 12-year-old from the remote Northern Highlands. An almost fruity aroma, full body and velvet smooth, dry finish. Considered a great after dinner dram.
Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve
Glenfiddich is the most popular single malt whisky produced. This offering is more refined and complex than their bread & butter whisky. Light and easy to sip with a mild finish.
The Glendronach
The 12 year old Speyside, very smooth balanced body, a crisp sweet aroma, and lingering aftertaste. Very popular, considered after dinner, but delightful anytime.
The Macallan 12
The most popular bottling from one of the most traditional of the Scottish distilleries. Full bodied and expressive, with a lingering sherry sweetness from maturation entirely in Oloroso sherry casks.
Highland Park
A 12 year old single malt from the Orkney Islands and Scotland's most northerly distillery. Smoky and pleasant, with a medium finish. A wonderful dram, magnificent after dinner.
From a coastal town on the Isle of Skye, this 10 year old whisky has very full aroma and decidely smoky character. Aged in casks on the distillery docks, there are some who say they can taste the sea spray.
A grand unmistakable aroma that is full of peat and smoke flavor and exceptionally smooth finish from this 16 year old Islay. One of the classics, but not for the recent converts.
A full, very peaty and smoky 10 year old Islay. An acquired and unmistakable taste, it is a favorite of dedicated single malt fans. Not for the faint, the taste of this Islay is unmistakable.
A savory aroma from this fifteen year old Speyside. It's slightly heavier body and balance of sweetness and smoke make it wonderful as an after dinner dram.
The harshest part of this light Lowland malt is pronouncing it, “Och’n’tosh’n.” Aged ten years and triple distilled this Lowland single malt is very smooth.
Balvenie Double Wood
A wonderful malt from Dufftown in the Speyside region. Aged for 12 years, first in bourbon casks, then moved and finished sweet oloroso sherry casks, this unique aging adds complexity to an already fine malt whisky.
A mellow 10 year old whisky from the Speyside region. Medium bodied, yet light on the tongue with perhaps some soft floral undertones and a hint of peat.
Bowmore Mariner
A 15 yr. old whisky from the capital of Islay (pronouced "eye-la"). Big and peaty, but refreshingly smooth. A complex dram and worthy of study.
Don't let the name of this single malt stop you from ordering it. One of the lightest Islay malts, with a distinctive aroma, and a full flavor. Pronounce it, "Boo-na-ha-venn."
Glen Garioch
Just outside of Speyside is the village of Old Meldrum, where this whisky is distilled and aged. Considered more of a Highland malt, very heathery and drinkable.
Glenlivet French Oak
A classic malt from the classic Speyside region. Matured in French oak barrels (more porous than American Oak) which imparts a unique flavour.
Glenmorangie Portwood Finish
An excellent single malt in all regards. Twelve years old, aged in port pipes which imparts a wonderful nose, a slightly sweet lingering finish, and a not quite traditional rosey color.
Fifteen years old, complex and well-rounded with a delicate nose & a hint of fruit followed by a long smooth and surprisingly dry finish.
Glen Scotia
An excellent dram from Campbeltown. Fairly light, with hints of fruit and rich peat. The wonderful aroma has hints of sea air. Recommended.
On Loch Lomond in the Western Highlands, this whisky is a good step in between the light Lowland malts the fuller Highland whiskies. Full of flavor without peatiness.
Isle of Jura
Reminiscent of the other Islay whiskies, this ten year old is softer in body and lighter in its finish. Great after dinner or if you want to work up to the big Islay malts.
This single malt whisky is made in New Zealand, where many Scots settled during the Highland purges of the 18th century. Don’t let the country fool you, it is real Scot’s whisky.
While Lowland malts are often faulted for not being complex enough, this malt has proves that lighter can be better. Fresh, flavourful and gentle.
One of the great Speyside malts,it is full & rich with a hint of floral flavors, but balances nicely in the end with a smooth and lingering sweetness.
Twelve years old from the Orkney Islands. Aged in white oak bourbon barrels it has a spicy taste with a hint of sweetness and perhaps a hint of creamy vanilla.
The oldest family owned distillery in Scotland. The classic Campbeltown whisky. This 10 year old whisky is full and round with a touch of sherry.
Established in 1786, the distillery still uses their original spring for all of their water. This 12 year old malt, is typical of Speyside whiskies, medium bodied, full flavoured and a smooth finish.
In the heart of Speyside, near Knockando and Cardhu. Originally just used as the base for “Famous Grouse” blended scotch, it is gaining in popularity as a single malt. Easy to drink, with a medium body and a finishing touch of sweetness.
The only distillery on the Isle of Mull (they also produce Ledaig). This whisky is full bodied with a hint of sweetness and a long, rather clean finish.
Pronounced “tom in t’owl.” This distillery, near the Cairngorm mountains by the river Avon produces a light, yet elegant dram. Sophisticated and delicate but with a lively lingering finish.
The distillery claims to that this 10 year old Islay single malt is the peatiest in Scotland. A very traditional Islay whisky, not for the rookie or faint of heart!

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