Imperial Stout

This years version of Imperial Stout is medium black in color with a full body that comes from 4 specialty malts. Hopping is assertive enough to balance the malt sweetness while allowing the malt flavors to predominate. An interesting flavor note for this brew is the kettle boil was extended to 3 hours to allow the Maillard reaction to form some interesting flavor notes. This reaction is between amino acids and sugars present from the malt that interact and combine thru the prolonged boil. The result is similar to cooking with high heat to allow food to take on additional flavors. ¬†After conditioning for almost a year the brew finishes with roasted notes along with chocolate and coffee. Even though the ABV is 9.3% and bitterness is 42 BU’s, this ale is exceptionally smooth with no perception of alcohol making it very light, full of flavor, and easy to drink!

ABV alcohol by volume