Old Cave Dweller Barley Wine

(2014 edition) Our Barley Wine is a rich winter ale that is equally a dessert beer. This year’s brew used a blend of three imported specialty malts to compliment an Irish stout base malt. Horizon, New Zealand Galaxy and Cascade hops were used for kettle additions with light dry hopping from Cascade and Simcoe hops. The overall profile is well balanced between malt and hops. The first impression is a malty sweetness that is quickly followed by hop flavors and finishes with moderate bitterness. The actual measured bitterness is 65 BU’s and the measured alcohol is 12.0% ABV. This is a great winter warmer. Come in and try it for yourself! 10 oz. snifter $4.99, and 1/2 gallon growlers for $20.00

ABV alcohol by volume