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Pricing and sizes of specialty beers varies
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Our Regular Fare

Vanguard Pale Ale
An American Pale Ale brewed with generous amounts of Vanguard hops for flavor and bitterness. Four specialty malts contribute to the reddish copper color while adding some malt sweetness to balance the hop bitterness. The American ale yeast strain 056 provides a balanced flavor profile. The ABV is 6.1% and hop bitterness is 54 BU's, or bitterness units.
Ed's I.P.A.
This true English I.P.A. is made with premium malt, three English hop varieties, and a special British yeast culture. Fruity aromas mix with the floral hops to greet your nose as you raise a pint of this brew. The bitterness is huge, yet it is crisp, dry, and clean. This beer is named for our long time patron, Ed Richardson. This beer was his favorite.
Extra Special Bitter
A British-style Extra Special Bitter, (also called E.S.B.) full of hop bitterness and aroma. Rich floral and fruity aromas compliment this tank-conditioned ale. Served from a traditional British beer engine.
Glacier Pale Ale
An American style Pale Ale hopped with the new American low cohumulone variety, the Glacier hop. Four specialty malts add a rich reddish copper color and malty sweetness to balance the hops. There is a raisin note imparted by some of the malt. The bitterness is soft with just a low to moderate perception of bitterness. Nicely balanced and easy to drink. The ABV is 5.6% and hop bitterness is 47BU's.
Gayles Pale Ale
An American styled pale ale brewed with three specialty malts to add a rich golden color along with some malty sweetness. Vanguard hops were used for all of the hop adds. Vanguards are a newer American hop that is similar to European Noble hop varieties in flavor and aroma. They are also low in cohumulone, giving the beer a soft bitterness. The ABV is 5.7% and hop bitterness is 39 BU's.
Poor Richards Ale
Brewed to celebrate Ben Franklins 300th birthday. Brewpubs across the country have brewed a reciepe similar to beer that Ben Franklin might have enjoyed during his lifetime. Our version uses corn, barley, and oats, along with some molasses, to create a light bodied slightly dark ale. Hopping is light, with English Kent Gold and US Cluster hop varieties providing 19 BU's, or bitterness units. The ABV is 5.6%, making it similar to the Old Ale beer style, which is the beer style attributed to early English brewing.
Raspberry Brown
A traditional Belgian brown ale with 124 pounds of raspberries added to a light brown base beer. Very drinkable with a nice raspberry nose and subtle flavor. A Belgian yeast strain was used for fermentation, giving the beer a subdued fruity flavor. The ABV is 4.7% and hop bitterness is 15 BU's.
German Pilsner
Our version of this classic is a rich golden color. A crisp and clean tasting beer with a medium hop bitterness and a subtle hop flavor. German Tettnang Tettnang hops were used for the flavor and aroma adds, along with German Perle hops for bittering. A German lager yeast strain was used for fermentation. The ABV is 5.0% and hop bitterness is 26(BU) bitterness units.
Belgian Wit
Wit means “white” and is so named due to the yeast suspended in the beer. Wit is one of the wheat beers of Belgium. This beer is brewed with a light malt base of barley and unmalted wheat. It is lightly spiced with orange and lemon peel, corriander, and camomile flowers. Hopping is low with no bitterness. Perfect for those hot summer days with its crisp and refreshing taste. The alcohol is 4.5% ABV and hop bitterness is 15 BU's.
Blonde Ale
Our Blonde Ale is pale golden in color with a crisp profile highligted by late kettle and dry hop additions. Roasted oats and flaked barley were added to the base malt to lighten the color and mouthfeel. Nugget and Crystal hops contribute spicy and citrus flavors. The ABV is 5.1% and hop bitterness is 19 BU or bitterness units.
Black Beer'd Schwarzbier
A tasty black beer brewed with seven different specialty malts that give it a nice toasted and caramel flavor without the burnt notes found in some dark beers. Hopping is light so as not to overwhelm the malt flavors. German Tettnang and Hersbrucker hop varieties contribute 15 BU's to the beer, and an authentic German lager yeast was used for fermentation. The ABV is 4.6%.
Amber Chili Ale
An old favorite with a new twist, our Amber Chili Ale is a beefed up version of our popular Green Chili Beer. We created a malty amber beer and added our usual fresh Anaheim peppers. To create the real differnce we added Poblano peppers roasted in our stone oven. The resulting beer is a complex mix of hot green chilis, sweet roasted chili flavors and a mild malty brew.
Watermelon Ale
A novel flavor for the beer lover seeking something different. A base wheat beer that is lightly hopped and then infused with watermelon juice. Garnished with a watermelon wedge this brew has a subtle watermalon nose and a light but distinct flavor that is refreshing on these hot summer Missouri days.
Honey Wheat
This is our most popular easy to drink ale. Honey Wheat is an American wheat ale with 30 pounds of honey added to the brew. Honey Wheat is lightly hopped, slightly sweet, and has a clean finish.
Hudsons E.S.B.
Hudsons is a British style Extra Special Bitter full of hop bitterness and aroma. Rich floral and fruity aromas compliment this tank-conditioned ale. Served from a traditional British beer engine.
Equinox Wet Hopped Pale Ale
A very special version of our American Pale Ale brew. We infused our APA with 30 pounds of fresh wet, not dried and processed, Equinox hops overnited to arrive in just picked condition. Equinox hops have a flavor profile described as citrus, lemon, lime,tropical, papaya, apple, herbal, floral,and subtle green pepper. We also used a winter barley grown in Missouri and custom malted in Colorado for 100% of the grain bill. It is a mild malt with slightly more color than a base 2 row malt, giving the beer a medium body, deep golden color and some residual sweetness to compliment the hop flavors. The ABV is 5.7% and hop bitterness is 24 BU's.
Belgian Strong Ale
This Belgian Ale is a deep amber to copper brown in appearance, derived from a variety of crystal malts. The low hop presence allows the spicy Belgian yeast esters to come through. The toasty, yet subtle malt sweetness makes this medium bodied beer very enjoyable. 7.2 ABV 17.4 IBU
Oil Change Oatmeal Stout
Black as diesel oil, Oil Change is big in roasty chocolate flavors. A large amount of flaked oats gives this stout a velvety smoothness. Oil Change is nitrogen charged to give it a thick creamy head.
Strongbow Hard Cider
Imported from England, Strongbow cider is a blend of bittersweet cider and culinary apples. It is well balanced and gluten free. Golden in color with a fresh apple taste and no bitterness.
Vanilla Bean Ale
This light brew is infused with three pounds of vanilla beans to impart a subtle and yet distinct aroma and flavor. The beans were added to a lightly hopped golden ale during conditioning. A new flavor combination that is crisp, and full of vanilla flavor. Try the Vanilla mixed with our Oil Change Stout for a new taste experience. The ABV is 5.5% and hop bitterness is 12 BU's.
Scottish Ale
Our Scottish Ale is a rich copper color with caramel flavor notes from the use of crystal malts. Hopping is low to allow the malt flavors to dominate. An authentic Scottish yeast strain was used for fermentation. The ABV is 5.1% and hop bitterness is 8 BU'S.
Brown Ale
Our Brown is a British Style brown. It has a roasted nutty flavor complimented by a great malt sweetness.
Owen's Preemie-Um Porter
Named for Flat Branch's general manager's son, Owen Porter, who decided to come into the world early. This is our traditional Baltic Porter, one of our favorite beers. Our version uses four specialty malts to achieve its dark color and rich flavor. Malty sweet and roasted without any burnt flavors. Hopping is low to allow the malt flavors to dominate. Our version is on the low side of the alcohol range at 5.6% ABV, with a hop bitterness of 15 BU's.
Green Chili Beer
This is the chili-heads favorite brew. The current batch is brewed with Hatch peppers and has an earthy flavor with slightly more chili heat than our typical brew. This brew has a wonderful green chili aroma and a touch of heat in the finish. Have it with tomato juice as a “liquid enchilada”.
India Pale Ale
Our house I.P.A. is an American version using large amounts of Cascade hops in the kettle and the conditioning tank. This brew is pale in color with a huge, crisp bitterness, and big citrus nose.
Katy Trail Pale Ale
Katy Trail is named after the trail paralleling the Missouri River. This is an American pale ale that is amber colored, with a balance of malt and hop flavor. The subtle citrus aroma is from the American cascade hop.
Session Pale Ale
A lighter bodied version of our pale ale that retains the big hop flavors in a lower alcohol brew. This version uses 1.5 pounds of hops per barrel to achieve an impressive hop flavor and aroma. Centennial hops are used for most of the hop adds, both in the kettle and dry hopping. The ABV is 4.1% and hop bitterness is 27 BU,s.

Rare Great Beers

Belgian Razz
We have taken our popular Belgian Ale and aged it on tart raspberries creating a tasty delight. The aroma of raspberry is what you notice first, inciting you to sip the beer. The tart raspberry flavor is balanced by the fruity sweetness of the Belgian Ale..
"Tank No. 4" Lager
The beer we almost kept for ourselves. "Tank No.4" is a Dortmunder Export style lager. This beer is a strong golden lager with more maltiness and less bitterness than its pilsner cousins. Brewed using Pilsen and Munich malts and Tettanger hops.
Brother Paul's Abbey Ale
This ale is brewed to reflect the delicious beer brewed by the Belgian Trappist Monks. The ale is pale in color with a huge fruity nose. Aromas of peach, apricot, and banana are evident. The yeast used creates a flavor distinct to the Trappist style.
Saison Flora
Our Saison is light in color and body, yet it has a complexity found in few other brews. Pilsner malt is used for the beers' light body, Belgian Abbey yeast adds fruity aromas, and the beer is finished with Saaz hops and an array of herbs, spices, juniper berries, and rose petals. Enjoy the complex aromas and flavors of SAISON FLORA.
Flemish Brown Cherry
Known as FBC, this is a malty brown base beer that is aged on tart cherries for a few months. Subtle cherry aromas compliment the mild tart cherry finish in this malty brown ale. This is only one of two fruit beers produced at Flat Branch.
Brother Paul’s Radical Razz
The other fruit beer we produce is not your typical American sweet fruit beer. We sour the mash, ferment with special yeast, and then age the beer on 120 pounds of tart raspberries. The aromas are mildly sour and largely raspberry. This is a very refreshing beer.
Organic Alt Bier
Alt is German for old, in reference to the old brewing process. We make a copper colored Alt using a special German Alt yeast, organic malts and orgainc hops. The beer has slight caramel notes and a clean finish.
Abbey Porter
A roasty porter fermented with Abbey yeast resulting in a deeply complex brew. Our Abbey Porter has aromas of dark currants and roasted grains. The flavors are complex and inviting. Deep roast flavors mix with hints of licorice, black plums, and cola. The Abbey yeast adds its distinct signature with a dry spicy finish.
Belgian Tripel
Brewed in the style of the Belgian Trappist ales, our Tripel is a rich golden color with a malty sweetness from the generous use of Vienna malt and Belgian specialty malts. Hopping is low to allow the yeast and malt flavors to dominate. An authentic Trappist ale yeast was used for fermentation. The ABV is 7.1% and hop bitterness is 14 BU's. We serve it in a stemmed brandy snifter to bring out the fermentation aromas and flavors. A 10 oz. snifter is $4.99.

Seasonal Specialties

We brew this beer in the traditional German lager style known as Maibock. The beer is deep golden in color, full bodied, and has a nice spicy hop flavor. German Herkules hops were used for the bittering add along with Crystal hops for the late kettle adds. German Munich lager yeast was used for fermentation. The ABV is 7.0% and hop bitterness is 24 BU's, or bitterness units.
Northwinds Winter Ale
This is a wee-heavy Scottish with a deep mahogany color. This is a malty brew with flavors of dark currants and roast. We use peat-smoked malt to add a Scotch whisky aroma. This is a February winter warmer.
Brown Porter
Our version of Brown Porter is brewed with three different roasted and caramel malts that make it a slightly mellower version of Porter. Hopping is low to allow the malt flavors to dominate. Served slightly warmer on our beer engine, which allows the flavors to come through. ABV is 4.6% and hop bitterness is 19 BU(Bitterness Units)
Bluesberry Lager
Our basic wheat beer reciepe with 252 pounds of blueberry puree added after fermentation. The base beer was fermented with a neutral ale yeast and lightly hopped for a clean and light bodied beer, allowing the blueberries to be the featured flavor. The intense purple color gives off a pleasant berry aroma followed by mild blueberry flavors, making for an enjoyable brew. The ABV is 4.9% and hop bitterness is 10BU's.
Great Pumpkin Ale
Once a year we raid the pumpkin patch and add about 125 pounds of steamed pumpkin puree during the mash. Then during the kettle boil we add spices that create a brew with the aroma of pumpkin pie. Annually released on Halloween day, and our fastest selling brew of the year. The ABV is 5.2% and hop bitterness is 12 BU's.
Irish Red Ale
A rich reddish-brown ale brewed with six different malts including the Scottish Golden Promise variety that is known for it’s fine malt taste. The English hop variety Northdown is lightly used to allow the malt flavors to predominate. The ABV is 4.3% and hop bitterness is 11 BU's, or bitterness units.
Bare Knuckle BockTM
Bare Knuckle is a true lager brewed in the Dopplebock style. We brew Bare Knuckle smooth and rich with lots of malt flavors from three specialty German malts combined with a German pilsner base malt. Glacier hops are used sparingly for a light bittering addition. A Bohemian Lager yeast from the Weihenstephen is used for fermentation. The ABV is 9.0% and hop bitterness is 20 BU'S.
Brewed for those hot Missouri summers, but good enough to have anytime! This is a traditional German wheat beer that is very easy to drink and a favorite of many of our guests. Hefeweizen is light in body and color as it is brewed with 50% wheat malt. The cloudy appearence of the beer is due to the yeast that remains in suspension. The yeast also can contribute flavors of bubble gum, cloves,and bananas. German Tettnang and Styrian Goldings hops add a refreshing spicy finish. The ABV is 5.1% and hop bitterness is 10 BU's.
Imperial Stout
Our version of the Imperial Stout style uses 5 specialty malts that give this brew its rich roasted and coffee- like flavors. It is brewed to a deep black color with a full body. Hopping is moderate with some bitterness to balance the malt flavors. The yeast used for fermentation is an American strain that ferments clean with little ester formation, yielding and American styled Imperial Stout. The ABV is 10.6% and bitterness is 34 BU's, or bitterness units. This is a delicious winter dessert beer for these cool fall and winter evenings.
Zeus American Pale Ale
An American style pale ale generously hopped for that big hop aroma and flavor typical of the style. This brew is golden in color with a medium body, and was fermented with Wyeast English Special Bitter yeast. Bitterness is reasonably well balanced with some residual malt sweetness. Zeus hops were used for all hop additions, contributing floral, piney and citrus notes to the brew. The ABV is 5.7% and hop bitterness is 44 BU's prior to dry hopping.
Raspberry Wheat Lager
A super light wheat based beer with 336 pounds of raspberry puree added after fermentation. This brew has a rich raspberry color to go along with an assertive aroma and unmistakable raspberry flavor. Alcohol by volume is 4.5% and hop bitterness is 10 BU's.
A rich copper colored lager brewed with German malts, along with German Tettnang hops. A true lager yeast was used for fermentation. A nice balanced brew with a slightly spicy hop finish. The ABV is 5.9% and hop bitterness is 13 BU's.
Golden Lager
A golden German lager that is lightly hopped with Galaxy, Cascade, and Crystal hops. Malt sweetness is evident and complimented with a hint of spicy hop flavors. The ABV is 4.3% and hop bitterness is 12 bitterness units.
Winter Spice Ale
A brown lager is the base for this winter seasonal brew. We added spices during the kettle boil and again in the serving tank to infuse the beer with a complex spice profile. Star anise, cardamom seed, orange peel,cinnamon, nutmeg and a few other's create the spicy flavor combination. The ABV is 5.6% and hopping is low at 10 BU's. Happy Holidays!!
Belgian Blonde
Our Belgian Blonde is a perfect spring beer made to be enjoyed while sitting in our beer garden. This is a light colored all malt beer fermented with Belgian Abbey yeast. Sazz and Goldings hops add a spicy taste and floral aroma. The Abbey yeast adds its distinct fruit aromas. A wonderful light beer full of Belgian style complexity.
Dunkel Hefe-Roggen
Dunkel Hefe-Roggen is German for dark rye with yeast. It is a unique version of rye beer fermented with a traditional German Weizen yeast strain. The rye malt adds rich body and flavor to the beer. Chocolate rye malt gives this brew a light nutty flavor. Weizen yeast contributes aromas of spice, bananas and cloves.
Brown Lager
Often called a "dunkel lager" our Brown Lager is brewed with six malts, four of which are roasted for color and flavor. Hopping is low to allow the malt flavors to dominate. A classic German yeast strain is used for fermentation. The ABV is 5.7% and hop bitterness is 15 BU, or bitterness units.
Weizenbock is a hybrid of weizen and bock styles with the higher alcohol associated with bocks. Our version uses the Kristalweizen yeast which gives the beer a clear, rather than hazy appearance. A small amount of crystal malt was used for color, and hopping is low to allow the malt and yeast flavors to predominate. The ABV is 6.9% and hop bitterness is 14 BU's.
Belgian Dubbel Ale
Extremely drinkable, this ale is full of fruity aromas from the Schelde Belgian yeast used in fermentation. It is a malt accented beer with low hop bitterness and no hop aroma. Toasted and lightly roasted malt flavors also dominate along with the yeast contributions. The ABV is 7.2% and hop bitterness weighs in at 23 BU's.
American Dark Lager
Our version of an American styled dark lager with subtle caramel and roast flavors.Light brown colored and distinctly malty with a light hop bitterness in the finish. The alcohol level is only 4.5% for those wanting a lighter and less alcoholic beer that is still full of flavor. The hop levels are low woth a bitterness of 19 BU's.
Dunkel Lager
Dunkel is a German lager that ranges from light brown to dark brown with a malty flavor and aroma that predominates over a moderate hop bitterness. Our version is dark and uses 5 specialty malts to achieve its color and malt flavors. German Tettnang hops were used for bittering, complimenting an authentic German yeast strain used for fermentation. Hop bitterness is 7 BU's and ABV is 4.1%.
New Zealand Pilsner
We brewed a pilsner styled lager using New Zealand Motueka hops. The color is light golden and the beer has a medium body with a medium malt sweetness providing balance to the hop flavors. A berry like aroma and noble hop flavor are apparent in the finished beer. Hop bitterness is low to medium with lots of hop flavor in the finish. The ABV is 4.5% and hop bitterness is 31 BU's.
New Zealand Pale Ale
This is our base American Pale brewed with New Zealand Pacific Gem hops. The brew has a light orange color with a substantial malt base that balances out the hop flavors. The hops impart a slight citrus flavor. The ABV is 6% and hop bitterness is 53 BU's.
Indigo American Lager
A light American styled lager brewed with CaraCrystal Wheat, Biscuit, and Roasted Barley malts that give the brew a rich amber color. American Simcoe hops were used for flavor and aroma additions. A German lager yeast that ferments clean and malty was used for fermentation. The ABV is 4.9% and hop bitterness is 12 BU's.
Mild English Ale
A lightly hopped English style mild ale with a light to medium body. English specialty malts give this brew a light brown color, and the addition of molasses adds an additional flavor note. A nice session beer at 5.0% ABV with a light hop addition of 10 BU's of bitterness, allowing the malt flavors to dominate.
American Pale Lager
Our American Pale Ale with US Warrior, Cascade and Citra hops used for all kettle additions as well as dry hopping. They provide floral and citrus notes that compliment the malt background, making for a nicely balanced pale ale. Hop bitterness is 29 BU's and alcohol content is 5.2% ABV.
Imperial IPA
Our Imperial IPA is back. This years version is loaded with hop flavors and nicely balanced with malt sweetness from the Maris Otter malt. It is a rich golden color and generously dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Chinook, Cascade, and Citra hops that assertively compliment the malt flavors. Enjoy the fresh hop aroma and flavors in this special brew. The ABV is 9.2% and hop bitterness is 64 BU's.
80 Schilling Scottish
Our version of Scotthish Ale is the 80 schilling or export style. The taste is malty with no perception of hops to detract from the malty profile. The color is golden and fermentation used an authentic Scottish yeast strain. The ABV is 5.2% and hop bitterness is 15 BU.
Rye porter
This brew is our Baltic Porter with 20% of the base malt as rye malt. The roasted and dark malts tend to stand out a little more as the rye lightens the malt profile. A tasty dark brew for the Porter and dark beer fan. Hopping is low at 15 IBU's, using UK Admiral hops for bittering only. Ringwood yeast was used for fermentation. The ABV is 5.1%.
Dark Belgian Ale
A complex,with significant ester, alcohol and a malty sweetness come together to make a smooth harmonious beer. This medium-dry, yet sweet beer has a low bitterness for a beer of this strength of 6.2% ABV and only coming in at 10.1 IBU's; allows the malt which could be described as a caramel to plum-like flavor to come thru accompanied by a mild spicy phenol flavor from the yeast. A light body with a deep amber color complete this beer making it easy to drink and enjoy.
Belgian Abbey Ale
Our version of a Single Abbey Ale is amber in color and lightly hopped. Yeast flavors merge with a moderate malt profile to produce a lighter styled Abbey ale. A slight banana finish may be evident. The ABV is 5.3% and hop bitterness is 14 BU's.
Green Bullet Pale Ale
The New Zealand hop variatel Green Bullet lends its name to this brew as it was used for all the flavor and aroma hopping additions. They contribute a spicy note to a golden colored and medium bodied ale. We dry hopped with Green Bullets to add another layer of hop flavor. Not as assertive in hop character as many of our American styled pale ales, yet still full of spice and fruity flavor notes. The ABV is 5% and hop bitterness is 34 BU's.
American Wit
Our American Hefeweizen brewed with unmalted wheat which gives the beer its white tint and slight wheat flavor. In addition we added orange peel and coriander to the brew, for a refreshing, distinctive, and yet light beer that is perfect for the hot summer. The ABV is 4% and hop bitterness is 10BU's.
Ginseng Lager
Our Honey Wheat is the base for this brew. We added ginseng root at conditioning and again at the serving vessel transfers. The ginseng was sourced from a Canadian grower, and is 3 year old root that is harvested in a sustainable farming environment. We used 2# per barrel which makes the aroma apparent, and the flavor is woody and earthy. A refreshing brew with healthful ginseng benefits. The ABV is 5.6% and hop bitterness is 10BU's.
Galaxy Wheat IPA
Not your basic IPA brew. We used 40% wheat malt along with 60% malted barley to influence the overall malt character. Hopping used Galena and New Zealand Galaxy hops along with a generous dry hop add of Galaxy hops in the serving tank. The ABV is 5.8% and hop bitterness is 24.0 BU's.
Rye Ale
A light golden ale brewed with 18% rye malt, and dry hopped with Cascade hops. Light to medium in body with American Citra and Amarillo hops contributing 20BU's of bitterness. A lighter beer that is crisp with a subtle citrus note and moderate ABV at 5.4%.
Amber Ale
The deliciously complex malt flavors and aromas in this beer are balanced by a hint of hop bitterness. Four specialty malts yield a rich amber color and complex malt flavors. Low hopping allows this beer to be malt dominate in character. The ABV is 5.4% and hop bitterness is 11 BU's.
Belgian Wheat
Our version is done in the hefeweizen style using a Belgian wheat yeast that produces low phenol levels along with plum, apple, and bubblegum aromas and flavors. We used 50% wheat malt along with German Tettnang hops in the base beer. The ABV is 4.8% and hop bitterness is 12 BU's.
American Hefeweizen
The American styled Hefeweizens use yeast strains that do not produce the phenolic clove, banana, and bubble gum esters typical of German styles. Light in body and color, with a 50/50 blend of malted barley and malted wheat. A great beer for the spring and summer seasons. Hopping was accomplished with German Herkules and American Crystal hops for a total bitterness of 12 BU's. The ABV is 5.2%.
Belgian Golden Ale
This brew used a winter barley grown in Missouri and custom malted in Colorado for the base malt. It produced a beer with a rich golden amber color, lightly hopped and fermented to yield moderate yeast esters that combine for a very flavorful beer. The Belgian yeast strain fermented dry and without significant phenolic or spicy flavors. The ABV is 5.9% and bitterness is 9 BU's.
Baltic Porter
A beer style dating back to the 18th century in England. Brewed for shipment to Russia and later brewed in the Baltic states where it is still a popular style. Our version uses four specialty malts to achieve its dark color and rich flavor. Malty sweet and roasted without any burnt flavors. Hopping is low to allow the malt flavors to dominate. Our version is on the low side of the alcohol range at 5.6% ABV, with a hop bitterness of 15 BU's.
Anniversary Cream Ale
Light blonde in color and very lightly hopped. Generous additions of American Glacier hops add a slight hint of citrus and spice, without imparting any perception of bitterness. Orginally brewed for our 10th anniversary and now back for our 20th anniversary celebration. This is an old style of beer that originated in America in the late 1800's as an ale version of cream lager that was popular in Europe at that time. A lager yeast was used for fermentation. Our version is 5.3% ABV and hopped to 10 BU's (bitterness units).
Vienna Lager
A honey colored lager brewed with a small crystal malt addition to the base malt. Hopping is very light, allowing the malt flavors to predominate. A very crisp and drinkable Vienna styled lager. The ABV is 5.6% and hop bitterness is 12 BU's, or bitterness units.
English Pale Ale
The English Pale Ales are generally known as bitters, and our version does not fit nicely into a single bitters category. The body is light to medium and color is golden. Hopping consisted of UK East Kent Goldings for all hop additions including dry hopping. The beer was fermented with Ringwood English ale yeast. Our version is 5.4% ABV and 23 BU's, or bitterness units.
Steam Style Lager
Our Steam Lager is done in the classic California Lager style. It has a dark copper color from the use of crystal malts, and is generously hopped with UK Northdown, Glacier and Cascade hops. Balance is toward the hop side with lots of hop flavors present. The ABV is 5.2% and hop bitterness is 27 BU'S, or bitterness units.
A crisp and refreshing brew just right for summer refreshment. A pils lager yeast was used to ferment this beer and impart its unique flavor characteristics. Hopped with German Tettnang, and Czech Styrian Golding hops to add a subtle bitterness and light spicy flavor. This brew is also dry hopped with whole Styrian Golding hop cones to add an extra layer of flavor. The ABV is 4.9% and hop bitterness is 22 BU's, or bitterness units.
Dunkel Weizen
The Dunkel Weizen is our American styled hefeweizen with colored malts added to give the brew its light brownish color with a hint of caramel and roasted flavors. American Crystal hops provide a slight bitterness and add a very light hop flavor. We used an American hefeweizen yeast strain that is flavor neutral. The ABV is 5.7% and hop bitterness is 10 Bitterness Units (BU).
Red Weizen
Our American Weizen brewed with specialty malts that add a reddish note along with a rich malt flavor. Slightly reddish copper in color with a medium body. The malty sweetness compliments the weizen yeast flavors and the brew is nicely balanced with light additions of Herkules and Citra hops. A very easy drinking and flavorful brew. The ABV is 5.4% with hop bitterness at 13.9 BU's.
Belgian Porter
A Brown Porter brewed with a Belgian yeast twist. Medium brown in color and gently hopped with a nod to the classic brown porter style. The Belgian yeast allows the darker malt flavors to express fully in the overall profile. Bitterness is low, allowing the yeast produced esters and phenols to compliment the malt profile. The ABV is 5.6% and hop bitterness is 10 BU's.
Cherry Brown
A light brown base beer with sweet cherry puree added during the fermentation process.Hopping is low and a our standard Ringwood yeast was used for fermentation. The cherry flavor is mildly assertive in a slightly sweet base beer. The ABV is 6.0% and hop bitterness is 10 BU's.
Raspbery Wheat Ale
A delicious reddish color, flavor and aroma greet you with each sip. This brew is our basic wheat ale infused with 168 pounds of raspberry puree. Hopping is low, allowing the berry flavor to dominate. A great beer to sip as we slip into fall. The ABV is 5.5% and hop bitterness is 13BU'S.
Z Best Coffee Stout
Our Oil Change Stout infused with a blend of coffee beans specially roasted by Z Best Coffee. The coffee flavor is subtle, yet perceptible over the malt profile of the Oil Change Stout. Very smooth drinking and a great taste combination for the coffee lover. The ABV is 5.6% and hop bitterness is 11 BU's. Served as a nitrogenated stout.
Lublin Lager
Our Lublin Lager is named for the Polish Lublin hop variety that is used for 100% of the hop adds. A nice straw colored lager with small additions of Munich and Crystal malts to impart color and a slight malty flavor while adding a medium body. A very drinkable European styled lager. The ABV is 5.5% and hop bitterness is 20 BU's, or bitterness units.
Kristalweizen is a clear, yeast free version of the Hefeweizen style, and is a great summer beer with its refreshing and crisp taste. Our brew is 50% wheat and 50% malted barley, along with the addition of Czech Styrian Golding hops that add a light flowery note. A classic German Weizen yeast imparts a tart crispness, and subtle fruity weizen character. The ABV is a very drinkable 5.2% and hop bitterness is 11 BU's.
A rich dark golden lager brewed in the Oktoberfest tradition. Four specialty malts contribute color and flavor along with German Tettnang and Hersbrucker hops that add a light floral and spicy note. Munich lager yeast was used for fermentation. The ABV is 4.8% and hop bitterness is 15 BU's.
Alt is an old German ale style that has survived in the predominately lager beerscape of Germany. Our version uses 4 specialty malts to lend color and subtle roasted and caramel flavors to the brew. We also added some chocolate nibs to accentuate the malt flavors. We used an authentic German Alt style yeast, along with German Tettnang and American Cascade hops. The ABV is 5.1% and hop bitterness is 21 BU's.
Chocolate Cherry Stout
A tasty stout which combines two flavors that work so well together complimenting each other,chocolate and cherries. The cherry flavor is upfront and apparent with chocolate notes both upfront and in the finish. This is a brew without roasted notes that are typical of stouts. The ABV is 5.4% and hop bitterness is low at 8 BU's.
Burton Ale
Originated in the 18th century in the English town of Burton. Our version is brewed with roasted malts and Lyle's Black Treacle invert sugar. It is dark amber in color with a hint of molasses in the finish. Moderate hopping with a low perception of bitterness make for a pleasant easy drinking dark ale. Hop bitterness is 23 BU's and the ABV is 5.6%.
German Marzen
Golden in color with light hopping make this a great summer beer. Medium in body with plenty of malt sweetness to balance the hops. German Select hops were used for all hop adds, along with some light colored specialty malts to add sweetness. The ABV is 5.2% and hop bitterness is 21 BU's.
Otis Strong Ale
A big beer with a nice balance between malt and hops. Generous amounts of crystal and specialty malts along with 50 pounds of brown sugar contribute to the malty profile. Bitterness is 22 BU's and the ABV is 6.4%.
Strawberry Ale
A basic beer brewed with pilsner malt that is light in color and flavor, allowing the strawberry flavors to dominate. The brew is infused with 294 pounds of strawberry puree which imparts a rich strawberry aroma and flavor. The ABV is 4.9% and bitterness is 11 BU's.

The Big List of Our Many Other Brews

P.D.G. Pilsner
This German style Pilsner beer is straw colored with a white frothy head. The bouquet carries a hint of malt and spice. This is a clean, bitter beer, with a slight malt balance. Saaz hops add a spicy note to the brew. When you get a P.D.G you will find out why we say “It’s Pretty Damn Good!”
Belgian Razz
Our traditional Belgian ale with the tart flavors of raspberry. The perfect amount of raspberries gives this beer a fruity balance without being overwhelming.
Katy Brown Ale
A tasty interpretation of an American Brown Ale, as a result of mislabeled bag of malt. A lot more hop flavor and assertiveness than our normal British-style Brown Ale.
Steam Style Rye
This is a rye mash, which is warm fermented using lager yeast. The resulting brew is a very clean, malty, and spicy beer.
Our Schwarzbier is a dark German lager brewed with six specialty malts. It is medium bodied and nicely balanced to feature the kilned malt profile. Hopping is light at 14.8 BU's and the ABV is 5.0%.
Brown Rye Ale
Yet, another version using rye malt in the grist. In the brown rye, we add chocolate rye malt to give it a brown color and a deep roasted nut flavor. These flavors combine with the rye maltiness and spice, to produce a very complex brown ale.
Kolsch is a light ale fermented with a special ale yeast strain that is capable of fermentation at lager temperatures. As with most lager styles, Kolsch is light in body and golden in color. The beer has a clean, crisp palate with a soft dry finish. Hopping is light to allow a slight hop flavor and subtle spiceness from the Polish Marynka hops. The ABV is 5.3% and hop bitterness is 7 BU's.
Wilhelms Amber Lager
Wilhelms is typical of sweeter Vienna Lagers. It is amber colored, with low hop aroma and flavor allowing the malt aromas to shine.
Smithton Mild
Smithton is a British style mild that is very light in body and alcohol but very full of flavor. We serve Smithton lightly carbonated to bring out the full flavors of raisins and malt.
British India Pale Ale
We affectionately call this one BIPA. This true English I.P.A. is made with premium malt, only Goldings hops, and a special British yeast culture. Fruity aromas mix with the floral hops to greet your nose as you raise a pint of this brew. The bitterness is huge, yet it is crisp, dry, and clean.
Rye Lager
Our Rye is brewed with 37% rye malt. A portion of the rye is a crystal rye that contributes the rich reddish copper color. Hop bitterness is low, which allows the rye flavors to dominate. German Tettnang hops contribute a slight spicy flavor, and the California Steam style of yeast impart a neutral flavor. The ABV is 5.2% and hop bitterness is 15 BU's, or bitterness units.
Dark Wheat Ale
Begin your adventure into dark beer with this brew. Dark wheat has a light body, yet it is full of rich roast flavor. Malted wheat and barley are combined with roasted, chocolate and black malts for a complex brew that is light on the palate.
Milk Stout
Our Milk Stout is our Oil Change reciepe without the oats and with the addition of 50 pounds of Lactose sugar. Black in color with rich roasted and chocolate flavors that are balanced with the sweetness from the lactose sugar. Very creamy, sweet and flavorful. A great change of pace from the Oil Change Stout. The ABV is 4.6% and hop bitterness is 19 BU's.
Smoked Porter
Our Smoked Porter uses 85 pounds of malt that has been slowly smoked over a hardwood fire. This is added to our Baltic Porter to yield a flavorful, but not overly assertive smoked brew. German Tettnang hops provide a light bitterness, and our English ale yeast adds a layer of flavors that compliment the smoked and dark roasted malt flavor notes. The ABV is 4.8% and hop bitterness is 17 BU's, or bitterness units.
Our porter is brewed to the original English robust style. It has five specialty malts which give it a rich, roasted, and malty flavor. Lublin hops from Poland are used to balance the malt sweetness without imparting bitterness or flavor. The ABV is 5.4% and hop bitterness is 18 BU's.
Hefe-Roggen Beer
This is a summer brew akin to the Weizen beers of Germany. We use the rye ale recipe but add Weizen yeast to do the fermentation. The resulting brew is light, spicy, with the banana and clove aromas characteristic of the Weizen yeast.

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